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MRSK Siberia invested in energy system development.

In 2013 MRSK Siberia invested 1.2bn rub. in the development of energy system in Alraisky reg., as it was informed.

In 2014 about one billion rub. more are assumed to be spent on this purpose.

MRSK Siberia (TIN 2460069527) is a MRSK Holding sub. It provides energy transfer to Altay, Buryatia, Tyva, Khakasia, Altaisky, Zabaikalsky,Tomsky, Omsky and Krasnoyarsky regions. It involves Altaienergo,k Buryatenergo, Gorno Altaiskie Electric Networks, Krasnoyarskenergo, Kuzbassenergo-RES, Omskenergo, Khakasenergo, Chitaenergo, Tomskaya Distribution Company and Tyvaenergo (sub) working under the MRSK Siberia management. The subs involve 245 electric networks covering 2.214mln km2 and 271.75ths km of electric lines.

The 2012 net profit (IAS) reached 849.51mln rub. against 475.117mln rub. in losses prior year; revenues declined 5.35% to 49.515bn rub. from 52.312bn rub.; operating profit rose 7.45 fold to 826.115mln rub. from 110.84mln rub.; pretax profit coming to 1.058bn rub. against 310.038mln rub. in losses.

The IH 2013 net profit (RAS) moved up 11.98 fold to 1.527bn rub. from 127.466mln rub. prior year; revenues increased 19.87% to 30.478bn rub. from 25.425bn rub.; operating losses - 2.49 fold to 1.191bn rub. from 479.025mln rub.; pretax losses - 2.65 fold to 1.717bn rub. from 648.153mln rub.

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