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M&A: Bank of Russia sells Moscow Exchange shares

The Bank of Russia has sold 267,274,238 shares in OJSC Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS, the bank informed.

The shares were sold through international offering. The offer price was 60 rubles per share. The demand has outreached supply by several times.

Bids of 96 investors were satisfied. The investors who decided to settle in US dollars use the official exchange rate established by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of July 2, 2014 of 34.2275 rubles per one US dollar.

OJSC Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS is the largest Russian exchange market by the trading volume and the number of users. It plays a pivotal role in the development of Russia's financial sector. Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS provides its users with a complete set of facilities to trade in stocks, bonds, currencies, investment units, commodities and derivatives for all kinds of underlying assets.

IFRS net profit of Moscow Exchange for 2013 grew by 41% to RUB 11.581 billion. Revenue increased by 14% to RUB 24.61 billion from RUB 21.546 billion.

Net profit of Moscow Exchange for Q1 2014 went up 23.72% year-on-year to RUB 3.17 billion.

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