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Silmash gets credit.

June 26 Silmash signed general agreement with Sberbannk on the launching of the evergreen credit line in the volume of 10bn rub., the company informed.

The credit contract expires in June 2017.
Silovye Mashiny Concern (TIN 7702080289) is a producer of the equipment for hydraulic, heat, gas and atomic power plants and railway facilities. It involves Leningradsky Metal Plant, Electrosila, Turbine Bucket Plant, Kaluzhsky Turbine Plant and Energomashexport as a sale company. The equipment made at the entities was installed at different objects in 87 countries.

The share capital is worth 87.089mln rub. split in 8708938708 common stocks of 0.01 rub. par. In 2007 A.Mordashov consolidated 55% through Highstat Limited held by Interros and UES earlier. Then, he increased the stake to 70.06%. Dec. 1, 2011, 25% in Silmash were sold to Highstat by Siemens.

The 2013-net profit climbed up 4.3% (IAS) to $393.4mln from $377.3mln; revenues dropped 3% to $2.034bn from $2.095bn; operating profit coming to

482.4mln rub. vs. 487.3mln rub. prior year.
The 2013 net profit moved up (RAS) 9.67% to 9.579bn rub. prior year; revenues being down 0.25% to 43.491bn rub. from 43.598bn rub.; profit from sales - 1.65% to 11.552bn rub. from 11.364bn rub.; pretax profit - 9.53% to 11.602bn rub. from 10.593bn rub.

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