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Metalloinvest ready to pay dividends.

At the Metalloinvest annual meeting June 27 the holders decided to pay the 2013-dividends in the total volume of 22.714bn rub. (0.29 rub./pcs), the company informed.

The annual report, accounting and new edition of the articles were affirmed. The single executive body powers were transferred to Metallinvest Management Company. PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit was approved as an auditor.

Metalloinvest Holding (TIN 7705392230) is ranked as the 4th ore producer in the world. It involves Mikhailovsky GOK, Lebedinsky GOK, Oskolsky Electro Metallurgic Plant, Uralskaya Steel. The Company is one of the key steel producers in the region covering 9% of the total steel output in Russia.

The 2013-net profit dropped (RAS) 8.74 fold to 1.669bn rub. from 14.583bn rub.; revenues declined 2.98 fold to 5.113bn rub. from 15.248bn rub.; profit from sales - 3.58 fold to 3.944bn rub. from 14.134bn rub.; pretax profit - 9.18 fold to 1.584bn rub. from 14.544bn rub.

The IQ 2014 net profit at Metalloinvest rallied down 58.2% (IAS) to $115mln; revenues declined 7.2% to $1.805bn, EBITDA - 0.9% to $574mln; EBITDA margin moved up to 31.8% from 29.8%.

"AK&M", 14.07.2014


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