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M&A: Lenenergo to place additional shares in favor of Russian Grids

On July 8, the Board of Directors of JSC Lenenergo made a decision to place an additional issue of shares in the amount of RUB 173.832 million in favor of JSC Russian Grids, the company informed.

The issue intended for public offering consists of 28,685,116 common shares with a face value of 1 ruble. The placing price is RUB 6.06 per security. The issue was assigned state registration number 1-01-00073-A-003D as of September 10, 2013. The potential acquirer of the issue is JSC Russian Grids.

JSC Lenenergo (tax number: 7803002209) is a regional electrical grid company operating in the northwest of Russia. The enterprise serves the area of 87,100 sq. km including St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region. After the restructuring, the company has preserved the Lenenergo brand and its functions of power transmission and connection of new consumers to the electricity supply infrastructure since October 1, 2005.

IFRS net profit of JSC Lenenergo for 2013 increased 13.79-fold to RUB 3.281 billion from RUB 237.913 million the year before. Revenue increased by 12.64% to RUB 37.323 billion from RUB 33.135 billion, operating profit 2.54-fold to RUB 6.316 billion from RUB 2.482 billion, pre-tax profit 7.07-fold to RUB 4.301 billion from RUB 608.698 million.

According to the DataCapital information retrieval system, RAS net profit of JSC Lenenergo for 2013 decreased 2.45-fold to RUB 424.867 million from RUB 1.042 billion in 2012. Revenue increased by 10% to RUB 39.902 billion from RUB 36.273 billion, sales profit by 0.87% to RUB 3.473 billion from RUB 3.443 billion, pre-tax profit decreased by 26.4% to RUB 1.444 billion from RUB 1.962 billion.

RAS net loss of JSC Lenenergo for Q1 2014 decreased 2.28-fold to RUB 324.435 million from RUB 739.04 million for the same period in 2013. Revenue increased by 30.18% to RUB 10.591 billion from RUB 8.136 billion.

"AK&M", 14.07.2014


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