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VTB intends to place stocks.

VTB supervisory council decided to call a special meeting Aug. 29 to consider the increase in the share capital and allocation of preferred stocks, the Bank informed.

The bonds are assumed to be placed in favor of Russia. As far as this is the first time of preferred stocks allocation by VTB the price is fixed at one cop. as being equal to the par value.

VTB Bank (TIN 7702070139) is ranked as the second bank in Russia by the assets volume. The network of the Group in June 2010 covered 935 offices in Russia, CIS and Europe including 480 offices of VTB-24. The Group keeps 12 subs in CIS (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaidjan, Ukraine); in Europe (Austria, Cyprus, Germany, France, Great Britain); in Georgia, Africa (Angola) and representations in Italy, China, and Kirgizia.

The 2013-net profit (IAS) climbed up 10.9% to 100.5bn rub.; IVQ - 79.3% to 54.5bn rub.; net interest in 2013 - 31.3% to 323bn rub. The assets moved up 18.2% to reach 8768.5bn rub.

The IQ 2014 net profit (RAS) increased 4 fold to 5.8bn rub. from 1.403bn rub.; pretax profit - 4 fold to 5.747bn rub. from 1.451bn rub.

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