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Rostelecom announced dividends.

Rostelecomd announced the final amount of the dividends per one common stock with respect to their total number being under circulation (163345372 common and 33217816 preferred), the company informed.

The dividends are fixed at 3.115959860078 rub./common stock which demands 7.808bn rub. on the whole) and 4.848555414552 rub./preferred stock (1.016bn rub.). At the annual meeting June 30 the 2013-profit distribution was affirmed including 26.5bn rub. on the increase in the own capital (75% of net profit); dividends payment - 8.824bn rub. (25% of net profit under RAS and 37% - under IAS). The holders affirmed KPMG as an auditor.

The 2012-dividends were paid up in the volume of 8.17bn rub. (25% of net profit under RAS and 23.18% under IAS.

Rostelecom (TIN 7707049388) is a national com operator. It has 150ths km of lines in Russia. The current structure is in force from Apr. 2011 after the takeover of interregional com companies including TsentrTelecom, Sibirtelecom, Dalsvyaz, Uralsvyazinform, VolgaTelecom, SZT, YUTK and Dagsvyazinform. The length of the main com lines cover 500ths km. The major holder is the government having 53.25% through Svyazinvest, VEB and Insurance Deposit Agency. The securities are under trading on RTS/MICEX and OTCQX in USA.

The share capital is equal to 7.965mln rub. split in 2943258269 common and 242831469 preferred stocks of 0.0025 rub. par.

The 2013 net profit increased 8% (RAS) to 35.298bn rub. from 32.674bn rub. prior year. The revenues rose 0.37% to 283.952bn rub. from 282.904bn rub.;; pretax profit - 8.6% to 44.717bn rub. from 41.177bn rub.; gross profit being down 8% to 46.351bn rub. from 50.554bn rub.

The 2013 net profit (IAS) dropped 27% to come to 24.131bn rub. from 33.202bn rub. prior year; revenues climbed down 2% to 325.704bn rub. from 332.435bn rub.; OIBDA dropped 6% to 113.282bn rub. from 120.343bn rub.

"AK&M", 17.07.2014


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