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Krasnoyarskaya GES doubled net profit.

The IH 2014 net profit at Krasnoyarskaya GES was doubled to gain 1.54bn rub. from 742.428mln rub., the company informed.

The revenues moved up 14.46% to 7.668bn rub. from 6.7bn rub.; profit from sales - 2.53 fold to 2.411bn rub. from 952.422mln rub.; pretax profit being doubled to 2.104bn rub. from 998.199mln rub.

The Company (TIN 2446000322) is rated as the second in list of the largest GESs in Russia and one of ten in the world by the capacity (6000MW ). The average generation is equal to 18.25bn kWh which can cover half of the regional needs in the energy.

The 2013 net profit (RAS) was doubled to 3.068bn rub. from 1.397bn rub. prior year; revenues - 24.14% to 15.56bn rub. from 12.534bn rub.; profit from sales - 94.44% to 3.834bn rub. from 1.972bn rub.; pretax profit - 2.11 fold to 3.98bn rub. from 1.885bn rub.

The IH 2013 net profit declined (IAS) 43.14% to 779.399mln rub. from 1.371bn rub. prior year period; revenues - 10.98% to 2.089bn rub. from 2.347bn rub.; operating profit - 32.5% to 874.716mln rub. from 1.296bn rub.; pretax profit - 40.7% to 1.012bn rub. from 1.707bn rub.

"AK&M", 29.07.2014


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