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RusGidro raised net profit.

The IH 2014 net profit at RusGidro moved up 12.48% to 22bn rub. from 19.559bn rub. prior year, the company informed.

The revenues added 2.31% to come to 55.426bn rub. from 54.177bn rub.; profit from sales declined 5.3% to 26.193bn rub. from 27.658bn rub.; pretax profit being up 5.96% to 27.498bn rub. from 25.952bn rub.; EBITDA dropped 2.8% to 32.586bn rub. from 33.525bn rub.

The volume of obligations reached 133.971bn rub. vs. 191.787bn rub.

year start; credit portfolio moved up 3% to 105.553bn rub.; long term loans covering 98% of the total volume. The own capital increased 14% to 709.714bn rub. from 624.343bn rub.

RusGidro (TIN 2460066195) involves 61 GESs, 2 GAES, 3 geothermal stations in Kamchatka, Kalmytskaya VES, Irkutskaya, Bratskaya and Ust-Ilimskaya GESs. Besides, it keeps 90% in International Energetic Corp. Together with Electric stations it builds Verkhne-Narynsky GES Cascade in Kirgizia. The total capacity is equal to 36.5GW. The 9-month 2013 output moved up 15% to increased 46.34% to 93.418bn kWh.

The share capital is equal to 386.255bn rub.; the government holds 66.837%; National Clearing Depository - 28.5633%.

The IQ 2014 net profit (IAS) added 33.61% to come to 14.294bn rub. from 10.698bn rub.; revenues climbed up 6.05% to 94.716bn rub. from 89.314bn rub.; operating profit - 25.25% to 18.601bn rub. from 14.851bn rub.; pretax profit - 23.89% to 18.367bn rub. from 14.825bn rub.; EBITDA being up 8.97%

to 25.491bn rub. from 23.393bn rub.
The 2013 net profit (RAS) rallied up 2.4 fold to 35.321bn rub. from 14.702bn rub. prior year period; revenues moved up 15.48% to 108.794bn rub.

from 94.207bn rub.; profit from sales - 30.61% to 49.921bn rub. from 38.22bn rub.; pretax profit doubled to 47.315bn rub. from 22.834bn rub.; EBITDA being 25.99% up to 61.774bn rub. from 49.03bn rub.

"AK&M", 30.07.2014


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