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Severstal suffered losses.

The IH 2014 net losses at Severstal moved up (IAS) to $761.376mln from $163ths prior year, the company informed.

The revenues declined 7.07% to $6.260bn from $6.736bn; operating profit increased 48.01% to $740.229mln from $500.114mln; EBITDA - 25.41% to $1.14bn from $909mln; EBITDA margin - 18.2% from 13.5%.

The net losses include tentative losses due to the sale of Severstal Dearborn LLC, Severstal Columbus LLC and PBS Coals Ltd.5 appraised to worth $1.066mln and negative effects from the currency rate ($121mln). But for these factors the net profit could rally up 76.76% to $426mln from $241mln prior year.

Severstal (TIN 3528000597) is an international mining/metallurgic company having high experience in the acquisition and integration of the assets in North America and Europe. It has mining entities in Russia as well to provide the raw for the production. The stocks are under circulation on MICEX, RTS; ADRs - on LSE.

The IQ 2014-net profit (IAS) gained $100.202mln vs. $49.727mln prior year; revenues declined 9.5% to $2.973bn from $3.285bn; operating profit rose 9.04% to $336.108mln from $221.878mln; pretax losses coming to $125.67mln vs. $94.323mln in profit.

The IQ 2014 net losses boosted (RAS) 8.47 fold to 9.025bn rub. from 1.066bn rub. prior year; revenues dropped 1.28% to 52.186bn rub. from 52.863bn rub.; profit from sales being doubled to 4.917bn rub. from 2.391bn rub.; pretax losses - 15.02 fold to 11.038bn rub. from 735.097mln rub.

"AK&M", 30.07.2014


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