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Mechel reduced net losses.

The IH 2014 net losses at Mechel plunged (RAS) 19.96% to 5.096bn rub. from 6.367bn rub. prior year, the company informed.

The revenues moved up 59.78% to 3.993bn rub. from 2.499bn rub.; profit from sales - 17.13% to 2.291bn rub. from 1.956bn rub.; pretax losses dropped 21.37% to 5.091bn rub. from 6.475bn rub.

Mechel (TIN 7703370008) is one of the leading Russian companies. It involves 4 sectors: mining, metallurgic, ferroalloys and energetic. It includes producers of the coal, ore concentrate, nickel, steel, rolled products, heat and electric energy. Its products are sold on the Russian and foreign markets.

The 2013 net losses (US GAAP) rallied up 75.86% to $2.928bn from $1.665bn prior year; revenues from sales declined 19.33% to $8.576bn from $10.631bn; operating losses increased 25.06% to $529mln from $423mln in profit; corrected EBITDA halved to $730mln from $1.471bn; EBITDA margin coming to 8.51% from 13.84%.

The IQ 2014-net losses (RAS) increased 25.53% to 4.474bn rub. from 3.564bn rub. prior year; revenues moved up 2.53 fold to 1.512bn rub. from 598.716mln rub.; profit from sales declined 21.18% to 248.335mln rub. from 315.047mln rub.; pretax losses being up 28.57% to 4.532bn rub. from 3.525bn rub.

"AK&M", 31.07.2014


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