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Khabarovskiy Refinery reconstructed.

Alliance Group completed reconstruction of Khabarovsky Refinery, the company informed.

From 2000 the Group invested 76bn rub. in the reconstruction aimed to arrange production of Euro-5 standard.

The petroleum products output increased from 400 ton to 65th ton; refining depth moved up by 3mln ton to 5mln ton from 2mln ton.

The Plant transfers 70% to the domestic market and 30% to the exports.

The Refinery (TIN 2722010040) is a sub of Alliance Oil Company. It has 4.35mln ton/y in capacity.

In IIIQ 2013 96.413ths barrel/day were delivered against 80.122ths barrel/day prior year period.

Alliance Oil Company was formed in Apr. 2008 through the merger of Alliance Oil Company and West Siberian Resources (WSR). The securities are traded on OMX Nordic (Stockholm). The reserves (2P) in 2011 were appraised to cover 638.3mln barrel. The Company provides control over Khabarovsky Refinery, Amurnefteproduct, Primornefteproduct, Khabarovsknefteproduct, Khabarovsk Alliance, Oil Alliance, Tatnefteotdacha. It is an operator in Begaidarsky sector in Kazakhstan.

The IH 2013 net profit rallied down 47% to $84.1mln; revenues moved up 10% to $1.789bn; EBITDA declined 8% to $324mln.

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