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Krasnoyarskenergosbyt won't pay dividends.

At the Krasnoyarskenergosbyt annual meeting June 4 the holders affirmed the annual accounting and approved the non-payment of the dividends, the company informed.

The contract with Boguchanskaya GES in the volume of 1.305bn rub. was approved along with other issues included into the agenda.

The Company (TIN 2466132221) was formed in 2005 through the restructuring of Krasnoyarskenergo on the basis of Energosbyt. It provides energy transfer to the consumers.

The 2013-net losses (IAS) gained 360mln rub. vs. 451mln rub. in profit prior year; revenues dropped 1.94% to 25.388bn rub. from 25.889bn rub.; pretax losses reached 416mln rub. vs. 545mln rub. in profit; operating losses - 409mln rub. vs. 496mln rub. in profit.

The 2013-net losses (RAS) gained 27.226mln rub. vs. 446.892mln rub. in profit; revenues climbed down 1.93% to 25.388bn rub. from 25.889bn rub.; profit from sales being down в 9.71 fold to 69.368mln rub. from 673.599mln rub.; pretax losses reached 1.067bn rub. vs. 543.242mln rub. in profit.

"AK&M", 06.06.2014


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