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GSS intends to place stocks.

At the Sukhoy Civil Aircraft (GSS) special meeting June 9 the holders decided to increase the share capital through the allocation of an additional stock issue in the volume of 36.518bn rub., the company informed.

The issue includes 14607200 common stocks placed at 2.5ths rub./pcs through the close offering in favor of Sukhoy Company.

GSS (TIN 7714175986) provides development, production, marketing and sale in the civil avionics market. It was founded in 2000 as a sub of Sukhoy Company. The Superjet-100 project was its starting project. It is an integrator of the project at the participation of 20 leading suppliers of the systems and components in the aviation sector in the world. From 2006 Italian Alenia Aeronautica is its partner.

The 2012-net losses (IAS) moved up 35.13% to $111.247mln from $171.497mln prior year; revenues - 2.55 fold to $197.902mln from $77.661mln; operating losses - 32.05% to $91.93mln from $69.62mln.

The IQ 2014 net losses (RAS) increased 2.92 fold to 5.735bn rub. from 1.966bn rub. prior year; revenues rallied up 71.09% to 2.441bn rub. from 1.426bn rub.; losses from sales - 93.16% to 909.438mln rub. from 470.824mln rub.; pretax losses - 2.96 fold to 7.056bn rub. from 2.387bn rub.

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