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North Western Shipping won't pay dividends.

At the North Western Shipping (SZP) annual meeting June 10 the holders approved the non-payment of the 2013-dividends and net profit keeping in the reserve fund, the company informed.

Rosexpertiza was affirmed as an auditor. The single executive body powers were transferred to Transport Assets Management.

North Western Shipping (TIN 7812023195) is the largest company working in the water transport sector. It provides the shipment of general, bulk cargo etc. It is included into VBTH Holding (a major holder is Universal Cargo Logistics Holding) consolidating several Russian shipping, stevedore and shipbuilding companies. The cargo transportation reached 6.4mln ton to exceed prior year figures by 29%.

The 2013-net profit (IAS) gained 608.076mln rub. vs. 641.625mln rub. in losses; revenues from the freight moved up 19.01% to 5.222bn rub. from 4.388bn rub.; operating profit coming to 705.471mln rub. vs. 818.121mln rub.

in losses; pretax profit - 525.758mln rub. vs. 806.577mln rub. in losses.

The 2013-net profit (RAS) declined 41.43% to 28.96mln rub. from 49.449mln rub.; revenues moved up 30.04% to 5.301bn rub. from 4.076bn rub.; losses from sales - 36.63% to 192.975mln rub. from 141.236mln rub.; pretax profit - 2.44 fold to 74.576mln rub. from 30.6mln rub.

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