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Vladmorrybport intends to pay dividends.

At the Vladivostoksky Sea Fish Port (Vladmorrybport) annual meeting June 11 the holders decided to pay the 2013-dividends in the total volume of 39.922mln rub., the company informed.

The remained portion of the net profit will be invested in the accumulation fund (270.779mln rub.) and BOD rewards (2.7 млн руб.).

Moor Stevens Vladivostok was approved as an auditor.
Vladivostoksky Sea Fish Port (TIN 2537009770) is located in Vladivostok. It provides fish processing and cargo operations with the timber, pulp, metals etc.

The IH 2013 net profit (IAS) dropped 14.9% to 187.823mln rub. from 220.741mln rub.; revenues moved up 9.29% to 1.636bn rub. from 1.497bn rub.; operating profit being down 19.06% to 238.288mln rub. from 294.4mln rub.; pretax profit - 15.01% to 236.03mln rub. from 277.724mln rub.

The 9-month 2013 net profit (RAS) declined 6.92% to 183.698mln rub. from 197.351mln rub. prior year; revenues moved up 7.62% to 1.392bn rub. from 1.293bn rub.; profit from sales dropped 6.64% to 285.483mln rub. from 305.771mln rub.; pretax profit - 0.78% to 230.942mln rub. from 232.756mln rub.

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