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MOEK reduced net losses.

The 2013-net losses at Moscow Joint Energetic Company (MOEK) dropped

7.76 fold (IAS) to 3.703bn rub. from 28.727bn rub., the company informed.

The revenues moved up 4.68% to 97.903bn rub. from 93.526bn rub.; operating losses being down 5.86 fold to 5.856bn rub. from 34.33bn rub.; pretax losses - 5.28 fold to 6.48bn rub. from 34.222bn rub.; EBITDA gained 5.452bn rub. The dynamics were prompted by the recognition of the losses provoked by the devaluation of the fixed assets. The state subsides moved down 7.4% to 14.921bn rub.

MOEK (TIN 7720518494) provides water supply to the Moscow residents and entities. The holders involve the Moscow government keeping 89.98%, MOEK-Finance (4.75%), minority (5.27%).

The 2012-net losses (IAS) dropped 9.69 fold to 170mln rub. from 1.648bn rub. prior year; revenues rose 3.12% to 93.526bn rub. from 90.698bn rub.; operating profit declined 41.52% to 1.366bn rub. from 2.336bn rub.; pretax profit - 0.07% to 1.474bn rub. from 1.475bn rub.

The 2013-net losses (RAS) declined 29.63% to 8.003bn rub. from 11.374bn rub.; revenues moved up 12.88% to 96.835bn rub. from 85.788bn rub.; losses from sales - 6.6 fold to 9.871bn rub. from 1.497bn rub.; pretax losses - 11.84% to 11.515bn rub. from 10.296bn rub.

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