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MRSK North Caucasus intends to pay dividends.

The annual meeting at MRSK North Caucasus was called June 24, the company informed.

The holders approved the 2013-dividends in the total volume of 134.392mln rub. (25% of profit under RAS); remained 403.172mln rub. being invested in the development. The single executive body powers were transferred to Russian Grids; Ernst & Young being affirmed as an auditor.

MRSK North Caucasus (TIN 2632082033) provides control over the dispatching grid companies including Dagenergo, KEUK covering Kabardino- Balkariya, Karachaevo-Cherkesskaya, North Osetiya Alaniya, Ingushetiya republics, Stavropolenergo, Kabbalkenergo, Karachaevo Cherkesskenergo, Kalmenergosbyt, Sevkavkazenergo, Ingushenergo, Dagestanskaya Energy Sale Company and Nurenergo (Chechnya).

The lines cover 108.452ths km; capacity coming to 10.082ths MW.
The share capital is worth 154.562mln rub. split in 154562275 common stocks of 1 rub. par. Russian Grids keeps 92%.

The 2013 net profit (RAS) rallied down 38.76% to 537.564mln rub. from 877.775mln rub. prior year; revenues moved up 11.11% to 12.502bn rub. from 11.252bn rub.; profit from sales dropped 9.01% to 2.459bn rub. from 2.702bn rub.; pretax profit 33.26% to 818.254mln rub. from 1.226bn rub.

The 2013 net profit (IAS) increased 8.39 fold to 2.056bn rub. from 244.981mln rub. prior year; revenues being down 5.79% to 13.712bn rub. from 14.554bn rub.; operating losses coming to 1.86bn rub. vs. 222.292mln rub. in profit; pretax losses - 1.82bn rub. vs. 208.988mln rub. in profit.

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