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MOESK amended issue prospectus.

June 23 Moscow Joint Grid Company (MOESK) BOD made amendments to the BO-04th - BO-10th issues and prospectus which should be released in the volume of 50bn rub., the company informed.

Besides, the technological and price audit criteria was approved.

The Company (TIN 5036065113) is the largest regional energy supplier and is included into the 3 top list of the energy generating companies in Russia.

Till half 2006 it was named Moscow Regional Electric Grid Company.
The share capital is worth 14.125bn rub. split in 28249359700 common stocks of 0.5 rub. par. The major holders involve Russian Grids (50.9%); Lider (10.62%), Gazprombank (9.77%), Agana (7.62%), Finance Perspective

(6.23%) and OEK-Finance (5.05%), 9.81% being in free circulation.
The 2013 net profit (IAS) moved up 3.05% to 19.473bn rub. from 18.897bn rub.; revenues - 3.03% to 129.125bn rub. from 125.324bn rub.; operating profit - 1.54% to 26.528bn rub. from 26.126bn rub.; pretax profit dropped 3.79% to 24.371bn rub. from 25.33bn rub.; EBITDA increased 2.13% to 44.446bn rub. from 43.521bn rub.

The 2013 net profit (RAS) declined 32.26% to 11.641bn rub. from 17.184bn rub.; revenues being up 5.7% to 124.731bn rub. from 118.008bn rub.; profit from sales 15.54% to 21.708bn rub. from 25.703bn rub.; pretax profit - 25.35% to 15.624bn rub. from 20.93bn rub.

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