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MRSK North West intends to pay dividends.

MRSK North West called the annual meeting June 25, the company informed.

The holders decided to invest 208.692mln rub. out of the net profit into the development; 76.629mln rub. - on the dividends (0.0008 rub./pcs) to compare with 3mln rub., 43.3mln rub. and 15.5mln rub. prior year, respectively. Ernst & Young was approved as an auditor. The new BOD members were elected.

The Company (TIN 7802312751) is working as a single operating company (former wholly-owned sub of RAO UES Russia. It includes 7 branches - Arkhenergo, Karelenergo, Vologdaenergo, Kolenergo, Komienergo, Novgorodenergo, Pskovenergo. The length of the lines covers 169.6ths km. The total capacity of the substations is equal to 17.8ths MWA. The share capital is worth 9.579bn rub. Russian Grids keeps 55.38%.

The 9-month 2013-net profit (IAS) declined 2.52 fold to 55.77mln rub. from 140.459mln rub. prior year; revenues added 31.65% to 31.223bn rub. from 23.717bn rub.; operating profit being down 32% to 729.591mln rub. from 552.728mln rub.; pretax profit 36.32% to 288.408mln rub. from 452.922mln rub.

The 2013-net profit (RAS) increased 4.86 fold to 300.338mln rub. from 61.831mln rub. prior year; revenues climbed up 34.91% to 42.05bn rub. from 31.169bn rub.; profit from sales - 13.38% to 2.394bn rub. from 2.112bn rub.; pretax profit increased 73.31% to 732.888mln rub. from 422.884bn rub.

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