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LUKOIL develops refining in Perm.

The new compressor station was launched in operation at LUKOIL-Permneftegazpererabotka, as it was informed.

It provides opportunity for the Company to transfer the products to the gas transport system of Gazprom.

The capacity of the first launching complex is equal to 100MW. It is assumed to be in operation from IIIQ 2014; the second - IVQ 2014.

In the nearest future LUKOIL relies to push the level of the associated gas utilization up to 95% at the fields developed by LUKOIL-Perm.

LUKOIL (TIN 7708004767)is ranked as the second by the crude oil output in Russia. The share capital is equal to 21264081.375 rub. 850563255 common stocks of 0.025 rub. par are under circulation. The top managers hold the largest stake of the stocks.

In 2013 the output was increased to 116.6mln ton. The proved reserves in Dec. 2013 under SEC gained 17.4bn barrels of the crude equivalent including 13.5bn barrel of oil and 23.6tril m3 of gas.

The 2013-net profit lost 4% (RAS) to 209.87bn rub. from 217.807bn rub.; revenues declined 9% to 280.008bn rub. from 308.067bn rub.; gross profit coming to 240.411bn rub. vs. 286.816bn rub. prior year.

The 2013-net profit (US GAAP) declined 30% to $7.627bn from $10 925bn prior year; revenues from sales coming to $141.452bn which is 1.6% higher prior year; EBITDA - $16.668bn.

The IQ 2014 net profit plunged 33% to $1.733bn from $2.581bn; revenues from sales increased 5.7% to $35.681bn; EBITDA coming to $3.995bn.

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