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Alfa-Bank relies to place BO-11th.

June 30 Alfa Bank is going to place the BO-11th in the total volume of 5bn rub., the Bank informed.

The issue includes 5mln bonds of 1ths rub. par and 3-year maturity which will be allocated through the open offering. The arranger is Alfa Bank.

Alfa Bank (TIN 7728168971) was founded in 1990. The share capital is equal to 59.588bn rub. 99% are held by AB Holding included into ABH Financial Limited B.V.I. owned by ABN Holding.

The beneficiaries involve M.Fridman (36.1%); G.Khan (23%); A.Kuzmichev (17.9%); P.Aven (14%). The Bank has 442 branches in Russia and abroad including a sub in Netherlands and subs in USA and Great Britain.

The 2012 net profit (IAS) rose 29% to $829mln from $641mln prior year.

The record highs were reached at the back of 21.9% growth in capital return.

The aggregated capital added 20.9% to come to $4.2bn; capital sufficiency being down to 15.6% from 16.7% prior year end.

The IQ 2014 net profit (RAS) declined 9.5% to 10.952bn rub. from 12.097bn rub.; pretax profit being down 13.4% to 12.533bn rub. from 14.469bn rub.

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