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Surgutneftegaz called annual meeting June 27.

At the Surgutneftegaz annual meeting June 27 the annual report and accounting were affirmed, the company informed.

The 2013-dividends were approved at 0.6 rub./common and 2.36 rub./preferred stock; Rosexpertiza being affirmed as an auditor.

In 2013 61.5mln ton of crude oil and 12.1bn m3 of gas were gushed out; investments increased 4.2% to 172.6bn rub.

The Company still keeps the first position in the drilling sector. Over the last 5-year period the growth of reserves reached 466.5mln ton or 54% higher prior year.

Surgutneftegaz (TIN 8602060555) is ranked as the 4th among other oil production companies. It has 2.5bn ton of oil equivalent in reserves. In

2012 61.4mln ton of the crude oil were gushed out; refining coming to 20.5mln ton.

The share capital is worth 43.42bn rub. split in 35725994705 common and 7701998235 preferred stocks of 1 rub. par. The holders are undisclosed.

The IH 2013 (IAS) increased 36% to 165.605bn rub. from 122.092bn rub.; operating profit declined 12% to 98.748bn rub. from 112.586bn rub.

The 2013-net profit climbed up (RAS) 1.6 fold to 256.516bn rub. from 160.9bn rub.; revenues plunged 0.2% to 814.187bn rub. from 815.6bn rub.; gross profit - 4% to 267.461bn rub.; profit from sales - 7.2% to 199.671bn rub.

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