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Seligdar intends to pay dividends.

At the Seligdar annual meeting June 26 the holders approved the 2013-dividends at 2.25 rub./preferred stock only, the company informed.

The required 337.5mln rub. includes 44.073mln rub. of the net profit; 116.823mln rub. out of the special 2011-fund and 176.604mln rub. - 2014-fund.

The new BOD members were elected; Rosexpertiza being affirmed as an auditor.

The Holding (TIN 1402047184) was set up in 2008 on the basis of 5 gold producers and Seligdar Artel. Now it involves Seligdar Gold (TIN 1402046014), Orenburgskaya Mining Company, Poisk Artel, Evroart, A.Z.International (Kirgiziya), Ryabinovoe. The subs provide prospecting, production, processing and sale of the gold. In 2010 3.121 ton of gold were extracted which should be raised to 3.345 ton in 2011.

The 9-month net profit 2013 (IAS) declined 20.28% to $11.573mln from $14.517mln prior year; revenues being up 38.86% to $132.787mln from $95.627mln; operating profit - 39.16% to $30.739mln from $22.089mln; EBITDA - 27.39% to $54.362mln from $42.673mln.

The 2013-net profit was halved (RAS) 230.676mln rub. from 503.322mln rub. prior year; revenues rallied up 47.3% to 3.734bn rub. from 2.535bn rub.; profit from sales declined 45.1% to 511.071mln rub. from 930.847mln rub.; pretax profit being doubled to 323.576mln rub. from 667.993mln rub.

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