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Quartz provided with banking guarantees.

Quartz Group and Gazprombank signed a banking guarantee contract Mar. 3, Inter RAO informed.

The guarantees will be released in the volume of 787.384mln rub. in favor of the legal persons to back their participation in the tenders and auctions.

The contract expires in Dec. 2018. It was approved by BOD Feb. 21.

Quartz Group (TIN 7728549952) is included into Inter RAO structure. It is working in the sphere of the capital investments.

Inter RAO (TIN 2320109650) is the largest export/import operator in Russia and has a great number of energy assets in Russia and abroad. It has Telasi and Hrami (Georgia); Armenian AES, Razdanskaya TES, Sevano Razdansky Cascade GES and Armenia Electric Networks in Armenia; Moldavskaya GRES; 50% in Ekibastuzskaya GRES-2 (Kazakhstan); 75% in Sangtudinskaya GES (Tadjikistan); 1% in Turkey-based TGR Energy under control.

The share capital is worth 293.34bn rub. split in 10440000997683 common stocks (par value of common stocks being equal to 0.02809767 rub. each). The major holders include Inter RAO Capital (Inter RAO UES sub) - 13.93%; FSK UES - 18.57%, Russian Property Agency - 13.76%, Nornickel - 13.21%; Rosatom

- 12.49%, VEB - 5.07%, RusGidro Group - 4.92%.
The IH 2013-net losses (IAS) rose 37.71% to 13.845bn rub. from 10.054bn rub. prior year; revenues moved up 20.91% to 317.743bn rub. from 262.799bn rub.; operating losses - 52.99% to 9.793bn rub. from 6.401bn rub.; pretax losses - 74.95% to 15.184bn rub. from 8.679bn rub.

The 2013-net losses increased (RAS) 3.74 fold to 53.688bn rub. from 14.361bn rub. prior year. The revenues declined 3.45% to 41.221bn rub. from 42.692bn rub.; losses from sales rallied up 69.02% to 1.937bn rub. from 1.146bn rub.; pretax losses- 5.37 fold to 52.597bn rub. from 9.789bn rub.; revenues from exports dropped 9% to 23.3bn rub. due to the cut-down in commercial transfer to Lithuania and Kazakhstan; exports to Finland rose 8.3%

"AK&M", 05.03.2014


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