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TGK-5 BOD holds sitting Mar. 5.

TGK-5 BOD decided to hold a sitting Mar. 5 to consider preparation to the annual meeting, the company informed.

TGK-5 (TIN 2128701733) provides generation of heat and electric energy.

It was set up within the restructuring of energetic sector. It involves power plants in Kirovsky reg., Udmurtia, Chuvashia, Mariy El. The capacity gains 2467MW and 9040 Gcal. Now it is included into the Urals Generation division of Complex Energetic Systems (KES).

The 2012 net losses gained 1.592bn rub. against 725.582mln rub. in profit; revenues declined 5.39% to 26.148bn rub. from 27.638bn rub.; operating losses reached 1.082bn rub. vs. 1.083bn rub. in profit; pretax losses - 1.56bn rub. vs. 1.0276bn rub. in profit.

The 9-month 2013 net profit declined (RAS) 7.22 fold to 54.491mln rub. from 393.338mln rub. prior year period. The revenues added 7.68% to come to 16.248bn rub. from 15.09bn rub.; profit from sales coming to 302.93mln rub.

vs. 451.563mln rub. in losses; pretax profit dropped 10.59 fold to 45.97mln rub. from 487.031mln rub.

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