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Global Ports intends to pay dividends.

Global Ports Investments PLC BOD recommended the holders to approve the 2013-dividends at $0.02/pcs or $0.06/GDR, the company informed.

Global Ports Investments PLC is a leading operator of container terminals on the Russian market. It coves 30% of the total container turnover at the Russian ports and 23% of the total fuel oil export from CIS states. Global Ports is included into N-Trans Group as one of the largest private operators on the transport services in Russia.

Global Ports terminal are located in the Baltic and Far Eastern basins as key regions of the foreign trade cargo flows.

Global Ports provides management of Petrolesport, Mobi Dik, Eastern Stevedore Company, Multi Link Helsinki, Multi Link Kotka. Global Ports includes as well Yanino logistic park and Estonia-based Vopak E.O.S.

The aggregated IH 2013 container turnover reached 707ths TEU (without Vanino).

The 2013-net profit declined 7.6% to $114.1mln from $123.5mln prior year; revenues dropped 4.4% to $480mln from $501.8mln; operating profit - $157.3mln from $189.5mln. In 2013 the container turnover remained at 1.629mln TEU.

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