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TGK-1 increased net profit.

The 2013-net profit at TGK-1 increased (RAS) 8.19% to come to 6.768bn rub. from 6.255bn rub., the company informed.

The revenues moved up 14.65% to 42.82bn rub. from 37.347bn rub.; operating profit - 0.09% to 9.891bn rub. from 9.882bn rub.; pretax profit being down 2.91% to 7.897bn rub. from 8.134bn rub.; EBITDA added 5.37% to come to 16.298bn rub. from 15.468bn rub. prior year.

TGK-1 (TIN 7841312071) was registered in 2005 to involve 56 power plants in four regions: St.Pb., Kareliay, Leningradsky and Murmansky regions. From Nov. 1, 2006, after the takeover of Peterburgskaya Generating Company, Kolskaya Generating Company, Apatitskaya TETS and Karelenergogeneration it is in operation as joint stock company. The capacity is set at 6.248th MW and 14.475th Gcal. The energy is transferred to the domestic market, mainly, and to Finland and Norway.

The share capital is worth 38.543bn rub. split in 3854341416571 common stocks of 0.01 rub. par each. The major holders involve Gazprom Energo Holding (51.79%); 25.66% being held by Fortum Power and Heat Oy.

The IH 2013 net profit (IAS) rallied up 37.06% to 4.357bn rub. from 3.179bn rub.; revenues - 16.47% to 37.421bn rub. from 32.128bn rub.; pretax profit rose 38.16% to 5.617bn rub. from 4.065bn rub.; operating profit - 40.1% to 6.937bn rub. from 4.951bn rub.

The IH 2013 net profit (RAS) moved up 25.1% to 2.668bn rub. from 2.133bn rub. prior year period; revenues rose 17.87% to 36.234bn rub. from 30.74bn rub.; profit from sales - 43.18% to 4.69bn rub. from 3.275bn rub.; pretax profit - 25.59% to 3.45bn rub. from 2.747bn rub.; EBITDA being up 29.8% to 8.222bn rub.

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