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AFK Sistema covered 15.385% of 4th issue.

AFK Sistema covered the 6th coupon and 15.385% of the 4th bond issue released in the volume of 19.5bn rub., the company informed.

514.995mln rub. were paid up, all in all (26.41 rub./pcs).
The issue includes 19.5mln bonds of 1ths rub. par; 10.45bn rub. of par value remained unpaid yet. The 1st coupon rate is set at 7.65% ann. The issue is arranged by VTB Capital.

AFK Sistema (TIN 7703104630) is a public diversified corporation having 100mln users. It provides control over the diversified investment portfolio at the entities in different sectors of economy and keeps large assets in telecoms (MTS, Komstar-OTS, Svyazinvest), electronics (NIIME and Micron Plant, Sitronics TS (former STROM-Telecom), Sitronics and Sistema Gals; finances (MBRR, Dalkombank, East-West United Bank (EWUB).

The share capital is equal to 868.5mln rub. split in 9.65bn stocks of 0.09 rub. par. V.Evtushenko (chairman) holds 64.18%; Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas - 19%.

The 9-month 2013 net profit (US GAAP) increased 2.9 fold to $2.21bn from $766.015mln prior year period.

The 9-month 2013 net profit (RAS) moved up 2.67% to 101.748bn rub. from 99.101bn rub.; revenues being down 39.48% to 15.96bn rub. from 26.37bn rub.; gross profit - 39.39% to 15.937bn rub. from 26.296bn rub.; profit from sales - 51.97% to 11.498bn rub. from 23.939bn rub.; pretax profit rose 11.26% to 109.888bn rub. from 98.769bn rub.

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