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MTS increased net profit.

The 2013-net profit at Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) increased 2.7 fold (US GAAP) to reach 79.84bn rub. from 29.5bn rub., the company informed.

The consolidated revenues added 5% to come to 398.4bn rub. from 378.2bn rub.; consolidated OIBDA being up 8% to 175bn rub.

The Company (TIN 7740000076) together with the subs provides services to 91mln users in Russia, Armenia, Belorussia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan.

The share capital is equal to 206.641mln rub. split in 2066413562 common stocks of 0.1 rub. par. The working interest (50.8%) is held by Sistema AFK; 49.2% being under free circulation; 3-level ADRs (37.62%) traded on NYSE.

The 9-month 2013 net profit (RAS) moved up 1.4% to 38.672bn rub. from 38.12bn rub. prior year; revenues - 6.5% to 214.366bn rub. from 201.287bn rub.; profit from sales declined 1.9% to 51.858bn rub. from 52.889bn rub.; pretax profit - 1.2% to 47.522bn rub. from 48.102bn rub.

The IIIQ 2013 revenues under US GAAP moved up 4% to 103.388bn rub. from 99.437bn rub.; net profit with respect to one-time factors added 3% to come to 18.1bn rub. from 17.6bn rub.; the net profit of the Group moved down 14% to 18.08bn rub. from 20.984bn rub. The consolidated OIBDA climbed up 4.5% to 46bn rub. from 44.282bn rub.; OIBDA margin coming to 44.8% from


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