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RAO ES East/Japanese companies considered cooperation.

Mar. 19 RAO ES East signed two agreements with Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Sojitz Corporation and Vladivostok administration on the development of co-generation in the south regions of Primorye, the company informed.

The document stipulates realization of the projects on the building of mini-TETS in Artem and Vladivostok. RAO ES East is an operator of the projects. Japanese corporation are ready to assist in the seeking for the investors and equipment delivery.

RAO ES East (TIN 2801133630) was registered in June 2008. 52.7% are held by the Russian government. In line with the distributing balance of UES the stakes of DEK (51.03%), Yakutskenergo (47.39%), Magadanenergo (49%), Kamchatskenergo (98.68%), Sakhalinenergo (49%), DVEUK (100%), Mobile Energetics (49%) and stocks of energy sale companies were transferred to ES East. It is a Holding operating in all regions of the Far East and an assignee of the UES rights as of the Far Eastern energetics.

The 9-month 2013 net profit (IAS) dropped 10.68 fold to 1.027bn rub.

from 10.965bn prior year. The revenues added 6.62% to come to 103.921bn rub.

from 97.47bn rub.; operating profit reached 2.594bn rub. vs. 9.104bn rub. in losses; pretax losses declined 12.27 fold to 1.02bn rub. from 12.517bn rub.; EBITDA doubled to 5.766bn rub. from 2.549bn rub.

The 2013 net losses (RAS) gained 7.595bn rub. vs. 370.99mln rub. in profit prior year; revenues rallied up 20.77% to 1.103bn rub. from 913.049mln rub.; losses from sales being up 5.49% to 550.117mln rub. from 521.498mln rub.; pretax losses - 7.514bn rub. vs. 412.174mln rub. in profit.

"AK&M", 20.03.2014


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