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PESC Board Director Andrey Elov reduces stake in company

On March 18, Andrey Elov, a member of the Board of Directors of OJSC Perm Energy Supplying Company, reduced his equity stake in the company to 2.64%, the company informed.

Prior to this sale, Elov owned a 3.17% equity stake in PESC. His holding of the company's common shares decreased to 3.46% from 4.29%.

OJSC Perm Energy Supplying Company (PESC, tax number: 5904123809) was established on April 1, 2005 resulting from the reorganization of OJSC Permenergo. Since September 1, 2006, OJSC PESC has been a last resort electric power supplier in Perm Krai.

The company's authorized capital is RUB 154.584 million represented by 36,210,960 common and 11,353,500 preferred shares at par value of RUB 3.25.

IFRS net profit of OJSC Perm Energy Supplying Company for H1 2013 dropped 2.41-fold to RUB 141.823 million from RUB 341.608 million for the same period in 2012. Revenue decreased by 4.14% to RUB 15.141 billion from RUB 15.795 billion, profit from operations 2.65 times to RUB 137.777 million from RUB 365.569 million, pre-tax profit 2.48-fold to RUB 164.966 million from RUB 408.919 million.

According to the DataCapital information retrieval system, RAS net profit of OJSC Perm Energy Supplying Company for 9 months 2013 decreased by 37.47% to RUB 282.474 million from RUB 451.746 million the year before. Revenue decreased by 5.42% to RUB 21.284 billion from RUB 22.503 billion, sales profit by 38.76% to RUB 375.342 million from RUB 612.908 million, pre-tax profit by 36.35% to RUB 336.642 million from RUB 528.882 million.

"AK&M", 24.03.2014


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