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EVRAZ Metall Inprom increased net profit.

The 2013-net profit at EVRAZ Metal Inprom added 5.22% (RAS) to come to 108.162mln rub. from 102.799mln rub., the company informed.

The revenues climbed up 1.64% to 30.578bn rub. from 30.085bn rub.; losses from sales declined 13.01% to 52.883mln rub. from 60.794mln rub.; pretax profit rallied up 70.89% to 141.975mln rub. from 83.079mln rub.

EVRAZ Metal Inprom (TIN 6154062128) was formed in Dec. 2010 through the merger of EvrazMetall (former Carbofer Metall acquired by Evraz Group in

2009) and Inprom. It is one of the largest Russian independent metal servicing companies keeping 27 divisions in well-developed subjects. It provides the distribution, retail and primary processing of steel rolled products, investments in the development of metal centers.

The share capital is equal to 407.69mln rub. split in 13589800 common stocks of 30 rub. par.

The IQ 2013 net losses moved up (RAS) 5.3% to 113.598mln rub. from 107.882mln rub. prior year period. The revenues moved up 20.73% to 7.025bn rub. from 5.819bn rub.; losses from sales dropped 32.91% to 56.235mln rub. from 83.825mln rub.; pretax losses rose 7.47% to 140.391mln rub. from 130.638mln rub.

"AK&M", 28.03.2014


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