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Quadra reduced net losses.

The 2013-net losses at Quadra were pushed down (IAS) 8.17 fold to 720.236mln rub. from 5.883bn rub. prior year, the company informed.

The revenues moved up 16.8% to 46.568bn rub. from 39.869bn rub.; operating profit coming to 82.657mln rub. vs. 586.873mln rub. in losses; pretax losses dropped 11.66 fold to 611.746mln rub. from 7.131bn rub.

The aggregated assets increased 18% to 59.4bn rub. from 50.4bn rub. due to the realization of the investment program aimed to build new power plants.

The growth of the revenues is explained by the rise in the energy sales due to the launching of several power stations in operation. The financial results were provoked by the earlier accumulated receivables for the heat.

Quadra (former TGK-4 till May 2010) (TIN 6829012680) was registered in Apr. 2005. The share capital is worth 19.878bn rub. split in 1912505577759 common and 75272938838 preferred stocks of 0.01 rub. par; 49.9% being held by Onexim Holdings Limited. 11 branches have 25 power plants with 3357.8MW of electric energy and 16939.9Gcal of the heat; the length of the heat networks cover 4934.9 km.

The IH 2013 net losses (IAS) dropped 4.9 fold to 88.223mln rub. from 432.187mln rub. prior year; revenues rose 10.2% to 23.017mln rub. from 20.886mln rub.; operating profit being down 40.73% to 533.262mln rub. from 899.68mln rub.; pretax profit - 3.67 fold to 198.136mln rub. from 727.673mln rub.

The 2013 net losses (RAS) rallied up 91.66% to 1.187bn rub. from 619.511mln rub. prior year; revenues went upward 13.93% to 41.345bn rub. from 36.291bn rub.; profit from sales reached 2.327bn rub. vs. 363.794mln rub. in losses; pretax losses boosted 96.14% to 1.181bn rub. from 602.023mln rub.

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