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E.ON Russia BOD holds sitting May 8.

E.ON Russia BOD is going to consider preparation to the annual meeting and 2013-dividends at the sitting May 8, the company informed.

E.ON Russia (former OGK-4, TIN 8602067092) was registered in 2005 in Surgut. E.ON Russia involves 5 heat electric stations of 10295 MW in

capacity: Surgutskaya GRES -2, Berezovskaya GRES, Shaturskaya GRES, Smolenskaya GRES and Yavinskaya GRES. The electric energy generation rose 2.78% to 64.202bn kWh in 2012; heat - 2185ths Gcal/y. E.ON Russia is the largest heat wholesale generating company in Russia by the sales and capacity.

The share capital is equal to 25.219bn rub. split in stocks of 0.4 rub. par. 83.73% are held by E.ON Russia Holding as a wholly-owned sub of E.ON AG.

The 2013 net profit (IAS) declined 21.21% to 14.432bn rub. from 18.317bn rub. prior year; revenues rose 5.01% to 78.781bn rub. from 75.023bn rub.; operating profit 24.77% to 15.739bn rub. from 20.921bn rub.; pretax profit - 22.21% to 17.814bn rub. from 22.902bn rub.; EBITDA - 27.1% to 29.123bn rub. from 22.915bn rub.; EBITDA declined 0.36% to 29.095bn rub. from 29.201bn rub.

The 2013 net profit (RAS) rose 2.94% to 18.927bn rub. from 18.386bn rub. prior year period; revenues added 4.95% to come to 80.492bn rub. from 76.693bn rub.; profit from sales being down 1.27% to 21.484bn rub. from 21.76bn rub.; pretax profit increased 0.9% to 23.173bn rub. from 22.966bn rub.

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