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Novosibirskenergo BOD held sitting May 15.

May 15 Novosibirskenergo BOD considered preparation to the annual meeting set for June 24, the company informed.

BOD recommended to pass the dividends and elect Sibexpertiza as an auditor. The contract with Registrar R.O.S.T. was affirmed.

The Company (TIN 5411100018) was formed on the basis of Novosibirsk energetic production association in 1993. Now it is one of the largest

energetic companies in Russia; it holds 5 heat plants and GES of 2.977ths MW. The share capital is equal to 160.66mln rub. split in 13520742 common and

2545732 preferred stocks of 10 rub. par.
The IQ 2013 (RAS) declined 10.93 fold to 1.498mln rub. from 16.374mln rub. prior year period; revenues rocketed down 716.96 fold to 83ths rub.

from 59.508mln rub.
The 2012-net profit (RAS) gained 549.039mln rub. vs. 1.662bn rub. prior year; revenues rallied down 108.6 fold to 112.07mln rub. from 12.17bn

rub.; losses from sales coming to 7.088mln rub. vs. 1.108bn rub. in profit; pretax losses - 641.666mln rub. vs. 1.868bn rub. in profit.

"AK&M", 16.05.2014


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