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Tatneft BOD holds sitting May 27.

Tatneft BOD is going to consider preparation to the annual meeting at the sitting May 27, the company informed.

Besides, IQ 2014 results and output forecast till 2016 should be discussed.

Tatneft (TIN 1644003838) is ranked as the sixth in the list of the oil producers by the output in Russia. It has 870mln ton in proved reserves. In 2013 26.107mln ton of the crude were gushed out (0.4% in rise).

In 2013 net profit (RAS) was pushed down 4% to 63.85bn rub. prior year.

The revenues moved up 5% to 363.531bn rub. from 344.563bn rub.; gross profit being down to 134.992bn rub. from 134.994bn rub.

The 2013 net profit declined 4% (IAS) to 70.832bn rub. from 73.473bn rub.; revenues moved up 2.4% to 454.983bn rub. from 444.099bn rub.; pretax profit being down 0.5% to 101.3bn rub.

The IQ 2014 net profit added 34% (RAS) to come to 24.363bn rub. from 18.129bn rub.; revenues moved up 5.6% to 98.989bn rub. from 87.554bn rub.; gross profit - to 36.793bn rub. from 34.318bn rub.

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