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Lenenergo intends to pay dividends.

Lenenergo BOD affirmed agenda of the annual meeting set for June 23, the company informed.

The allocation of an additional issue of common stocks in the volume of 1.493bn rub. (246306553 pcs of 1rub. par for 6.06 rub./pcs) through the open offering should be discussed.

BOD proposed to invest 318.637mln rub. in the development; 106.229mln rub. - on dividends payment and 15% on the actual number of common stocks on June 11, 2014. Ernst & Young is expected to be affirmed as an auditor.

Lenenergo (TIN 7803002209) is the largest regional grid company in the north western regions of Russia. It provides energy transfer to St.Pb. and Leningradsky reg. After the restructuring the Company fulfills the functions of the energy transfer and switching-on of the consumers.

The share capital is worth 785.118mln rub. split in 691854144 common and 93264311 preferred stocks of 1 rub. par each. The 2013 net profit (IAS) increased 13.79 fold to 3.281bn rub. from 237.913mln rub. prior year; revenues - 12.64% to 37.323bn rub. from 33.135bn rub.; operating profit - 2.54 fold to 6.316bn rub. from 2.482bn rub.; pretax profit - 7.07 fold to 4.301bn rub. from 608.698mln rub.

The 2013 net profit (RAS) dropped 2.45 fold to 424.867mln rub. from 1.042bn rub. prior year; revenues being up 10% to 39.902bn rub. from 36.273bn rub.; profit from sales - 0.87% to 3.473bn rub. from 3.443mln rub.; pretax profit declined 26.4% to 1.444bn rub. from 1.962bn rub.

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