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TransContainer ready to submit IQ 2014 accounting.

June 2 TransContainer is ready to submit the IQ 2014 intermediate consolidated accounting under IAS, the company informed.

TransContainer (TIN 7708591995) was founded on the basis of RZHD as its sub and a center for the cargo transportation of containers. It is in operation from 2006. It has 24ths platforms; 59ths containers and 46 terminals. Besides, it provides control over the Dobra terminal located on the border of Slovakia and Ukraine and 67% in KedenTransService as private operator of railway terminals in Kazakhstan.

The share capital is worth 13.9bn rub. split in 13894778 common stocks of 1ths rub. par. The major holders involve RZHD having 50% + 2 stocks, Fesco - 23.7% (12.37% in GDR form), EBRD - 9.25%, Transfingroup - 8.58%. The stocks are traded on MICEX-RTS; GDRs - on LSE.

The 2013 net profit (IAS) added 14.18% to 5.974bn rub. from 5.232bn rub. prior year period. The revenues increased 7.7% to 39.164bn rub. from 36.365bn rub.; pretax profit - 8.04% to 7.349bn rub. from 6.802bn rub.; EBITDA dropped 3.4% to 10.074bn rub.

The 2013 net profit declined (RAS) 6% to 4.528bn rub. from 4.817bn rub.; revenues - 0.04% to 33.173bn rub. from 33.187bn rub.; profit from sales - 22.62% to 5.533bn rub. from 7.15bn rub.; pretax profit - 9.82% to 5.746bn rub. from 6.372bn rub.

"AK&M", 28.05.2014


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