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Atomenergoprom relies to pay dividends.

Atomenergoprom BOD as of the one holder of Rosatom proposed the latter to pay the 2013-dividends in the total volume of 188.4mln rub., the company informed.

893.88mln rub. should be transferred to the reserve fund; 16.795bn rub. - retained. Financial & Accounting Advisers can be affirmed as an auditor.

Atomenergoprom (TIN 7706664260) is an integrated company which consolidates the civil assets of the Russian atomic sector and is included into Rosatom Corp. It provides the full production cycle in the nuclear energetics. The Company involves all largest entities included into the nuclear energetic complex: Tekhsnabexport, TVEL, Rosenergoatom Concern, engineering, servicing, HT companies. The share capital is worth 525.1bn rub. split in 525115419 common stocks of 1ths rub. par.

The 2013 net profit (IAS) moved down 7.85% to 24.688bn rub. from 26.792bn rub. prior year; revenues rose 10.47% to 436.135bn rub. from 394.815bn rub.; pretax profit - 33.91% to 49.232bn rub. from 36.765bn rub.; operating profit - 72.83% to 60.781bn rub. from 35.168bn rub.

The 2013-net profit dropped (RAS) 18.17% to 17.876bn rub. from 21.846bn rub. prior year; revenues climbed up 1.39% to 1.316bn rub. from 1.298bn rub.; losses from sales - 7.04 fold to 677.205mln rub. from 96.184mln rub.; pretax profit declined 14.29% to 18.335bn rub. from 21.393bn rub.

The IQ 2014 net profit (RAS) reached 273.558mln rub. against 5.434bn rub. in losses prior year; revenues declined 5.85 fold to 22.183mln rub.

from 129.762mln rub.; losses from sales rallied up 97.67% to 167.197mln rub. from 84.582mln rub.; pretax profit coming to 353.822mln rub vs. 5.387bn rub.

in losses

"AK&M", 29.05.2014


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