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DVEUK placed stocks.

Far Eastern Energetic Management Company (DVEUK) transferred the 5th stock issue in the volume of 3.754bn rub. to the Russian government, the company informed.

3754210 common stocks of 1ths rub. par were placed through the close offering. Now the total volume of the allocated stocks reached 59000382 pcs (59bn rub.). The raised funds will be invested in the building of the electric line in Magadan reg.

The major holder of DVEUK stocks is the Russian government (99.9%). The Company started realization of 10 investment projects in the energetic sector.

DVEUK (TIN 2540080100) was formed in 2001 to raise management efficiency at RAO UES. Now it provides management of the main volume of state investments aimed to remove infrastructural restrictions for the development of the regions. The investment program is assumed to demand 17.633bn rub.

The 2013-net profit (RAS) dropped 11.54% to 136.194mln rub. from 153.965mln rub.; revenues - 16.29% to 216.404mln rub. from 258.514mln rub.; losses from sales being up 2.02 fold to 462.412mln rub. from 229.084mln rub.; pretax profit plunged 47.75% to 138.35mln rub. from 264.77mln rub.

"AK&M", 03.09.2014


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