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UralChem reduced net profit.

The IH 2014 net profit at UralChem rallied down 93% to 523mln rub. from 8.018bn rub. prior year under IAS, the company informed.

The revenues dropped 9% to 36.54bn rub. from 40.06bn rub.; operating profit coming to 9.7bn rub. vs. 12.22bn rub.; corrected EBITDA reached 11.57bn rub. vs. 14.01bn rub.

The reduction is explained by the sharp changes in the USD rate and shutdown of Voskresenskie Mineral Fertilizers.

UralChem (TIN 7703647595) is one of the leaders on the fertilizers market in Russia and CIS and is ranked as the second by the production of ammonium nitrate. The Company keeps 100% in Kirovo-Chepetsky Chemical Plant, 100% in Azot (Permsky reg.); 71.72% in Voskresenskie Mineral Fertilizers (Moscow reg.).

The 9-month 2013 net profit (IAS) rallied down 46.4% to reach 10.083bn rub.; revenues rose to 56.26bn rub. from 55.96bn rub.; EBITDA being down 12% to 17.32bn rub. from 19.78bn rub.

The 2013-net losses (RAS) reached 5.005bn rub. vs. 12.302bn rub. in net profit; revenues remained at 22.783bn rub. vs. 22.554bn rub. prior year; gross profit gained 12.255bn rub. vs. 13.223bn rub.

"AK&M", 03.09.2014


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