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Rosselkhozbank intends to increase share capital.

Rosselkhozbank relies to increase the share capital up to 243.048bn rub. through the allocation of 25ths preferred stocks of 1mln rub. par each, the Bank informed.

The issue is worth 25bn rub. It will be allocated through the close offering in favor of the government as the one holder.

Rosselkhozbank (TIN 7725114488) was formed in Mar. 2000 to provide financial services to the agro entities. 100% are held by the government.

Now the Bank is ranked as one of 10 largest banks in Russia. It has a widespread network of the branches (78) and about 1.5ths offices. The representations are in operation in CIS. The share capital is equal to 107.048bn rub. The Federal property agency is the one holder.

The 2013 (IAS) rallied up 5 fold to 729mln rub. from 144mln rub. prior year.

The 2013 net profit (RAS) rocketed 80.1% up to 3.954bn rub. from 2.187bn rub.; pretax profit - 2.7 fold to 6.323bn rub. from 2.364bn rub.

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