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M&A: Trading House Baltimor acquired Baltimore-Krasnodar

During the bankruptcy proceedings of Baltimor-Krasnodar, Ekaterina Ogirya engaged as the insolvency administrator concluded a property purchase and sale contract with Trading House Baltimor LLC (St. Petersburg), the Kommersant informed.

The auction lot includes 1,044 items of vegetable processing equipment, transport vehicles, the right to lease two land plots with a total area of 1.8 ha, as well as 20 trademarks of tinned products. The lot was exposed for sale for RUB 86 million in March 2016, the auction was declared invalid several times due to the absence of bids; the price was gradually decreased to RUB 8.9 million; as a result, Trading House Baltimor, the only one bidder, was recognized as the winner of the auction.

Trading House Baltimor LLC was registered in St. Petersburg in 2013, its core activity is the wholesale trade in processed vegetables, potatoes, fruit and nuts.

Baltimor-Krasnodar LLC was registered in 2001. Its core business is the processing and conservation of vegetables; until May 2013, the company was beneficially owned by Alexey Antipov, later by Argest LLC and Solnecynaya Kultura (St. Petersburg).

"AK&M", 24.08.2016


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