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GAZPROM Germania GmbH purchased share in SOVAG.

GAZPROM Germania GmbH became a major holder of SOVAG due to the acquisition of 50.1%, SOGAZ informed.

Thus, SOGAS reduced its share in SOVAG from 50.9% to 25.1%. The share held by Volga Resources Investments SICAV-SIF S.A. in SOVAG moved down from 49.1% to 24.8%.

Still, SOGAZ relies to keep its position in the supervisory council of SOVAG. In future, the latter is assumed to center the emphasis on the services to the Russian companies working on the European market, in particular, Gazprom.

SOGAZ Group includes IC SOGAZ, TRANSNEFT, SOGAZ-MED, SOGAZ-ZHIZN, SOT-TRANS, SOVAG (Germany), SOGAZ a.d.o. Novi Sad (Serbia), etc. and SOGAZ-Medservice. The regional network includes above 600dividends and sale offices in Russia.

SOVAG was founded in Germany with the central office located in Hamburg. The Company keeps the licenses on the majority of the insurance kinds but for the long-term medical insurance. The 9-month 2015 revenues reached 4.5bn rub. (IAS).

In 2010 45.9% were acquired by SOGAZ which then managed to drive the share to the controlling one.

GAZPROM Germania is an international group involving 40 companies working in 20 countries. It is working in the sphere of the development and coordination of the projects in the natural gas sector.

"AK&M", 11.01.2016


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