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Bank Uralsib launches Mortgage Holidays program

Bank Uralsib has launched the Mortgage olidays program in all regions of operation, the bank informed.

Earlier, the program was only effective in Moscow and Moscow region.

Mortgage Holidays is the bank's unique program specifically developed jointly with partner developers for clients intending to take out mortgage loans for the purchase of housing in buildings under construction, while living in a rented home. The program conveniently combines loan and rental payments until the construction process is over and the clients can move into their own homes as the bank lowers mortgage payments for a period of 12 to 24 months (depending on the project construction period).

Under the terms of the program, the down payment is 20%. The loan rate starts from 12% p.a. The loan period ranges from 3 to 25 years inclusive. The loan amount ranges from RUB 300,000 to RUB 50 million (depending on the region where the asset is located).

PJSC Bank Uralsib (tax number: 0274062111) established in 1993 is among thirty major banks of the Russian Federation. Until December 2001, the bank was called Republican Investment and Credit Bank Bashcreditbank. In September 2006, it merged with Avtobank-NIKoil, investment and banking group NIKoil, Bryanskiy Narodny Bank and Kuzbassugolbank. Bank Uralsib is the basic asset of the Financial corporation Uralsib.

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