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Producers' prices of industrial commodities in Russia up 0.8% in February

Producers' prices of industrial commodities in Russia increased by 0.8% in February 2017 against the previous month, according to Russia's Federal State Statistics Service.

In the mineral production segment, coal increased in price by 16%, crude oil as well as services in the mineral production segment by 5%, products in the segment of mining and processing of ferrous metal ores by 3.4%.

In the food production segment, producers' prices of seasonings and spices decreased by 4.4%, prices of other food products n.e.c. by 3.9%, meat processing and preservation products by 3.2%, vegetable and animal fats and oils by 3%, sugar by 2.8%.

In the segment of other non-metallic mineral products hollow glassware increased in price by 11.8%, refractories by 7.1%, other glass products, including industrial glass products by 5.8%.

In the segment of chemical substances and chemical products, pesticides and other agrochemical products increased inprice by 16.3%, dyes and pigments by 4.5%, other basic organic chemical substances, as well as synthetic rubber in primary forms by 4.1%.

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