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Transit rail traffic between China and Europe doubles

In 2016, the transit traffic between China and Europe within the railway network of Russia increased twice, the container flow by 30%. The press service of JSC Russian Railways informed referring to a statement by Alexander Misharin, first Vice President of JSC Russian Railways, at the 'Railway Business at Transit Speed' international conference in Munich.

The traffic growth resulted from the launch of regular accelerated container trains, the wider expansion of geography deliveries from China to Europe and backwards using the Trans-Siberian Railway and the development of transport and logistics by Russian Railways. The state-owned railway holding's subsidiaries (GEFCO, JSC United Transport and Logistics Company, JSC RZD Logistics) apply flexible price terms depending on the freight flow and enhance freight delivery technologies.

Russian Railways and its international partners are finishing the preparation of design documents for the construction of the Moscow - Kazan high-speed line, a component of the Eurasian transport corridor. Besides, a project of high-speed freight rolling stock with a workload of up to 600 tonnes and delivery speeds reaching 300 km/h is being developed in tandem with international experts. If these projects are successfully implemented, the period of delivery from China to Europe may decrease to 3 days.

JSC Russian Railways (tax number: 7708503727) was established on October 1, 2003 on the basis of the Ministry of Railway Communication. The state holds 100% of the company's shares which owns a railway system stretching ca. 85,500 km. The company's authorized capital is RUB 2.169 trillion.

IFRS net profit of JSC Russian Railways for 2016 grew by 25.81% to RUB 10.294 billion from RUB 8.182 billion the year before. Revenue increased by 7.15% to RUB 2.133 trillion from RUB 1.991 trillion, operating profit (adjusted for state subsidies) decreased by 32.04% to RUB 94.099 billion from RUB 138.471 billion, pre-tax profit grew by 54.94% to RUB 34.695 billion from RUB 22.392 billion. EBITDA increased by 15.4% to RUB 443 billion from RUB 384 billion, EBITDA margin to 23.6% from 21.8%.

According to AK&M Information Agency's DataCapital information retrieval system, RAS net profit of JSC Russian Railways for 2016 increased 20.44 times to RUB 6.5 billion from RUB 318 million the year before. Revenue increased by 4.42% to RUB 1.577 billion from RUB 1.511 billion, sales profit by 40.17% to RUB 117.173 million from RUB 83.592 million, pre-tax profit by 74.76% to RUB 43.621 million from RUB 24.961 million.

According to AK&M Information Agency's DataCapital information retrieval system, RAS net profit of JSC Russian Railways for Q1 2017 decreased by 3.25% to RUB 14.131 billion from RUB 14.605 billion for the same period in 2016. Revenue increased by 5.97% to RUB 409.023 billion from RUB 385.972 billion.

"AK&M", 11.05.2017 12:41


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