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GAZ Group delivers buses to Kazakhstan

GAZ Group is going to deliver 265 buses made at Likinsky Bus Plant to Kazakhstan within the bus renovation program realized in Almaty, the company informed.

GAZ Group takes an active part in the renovation of the passenger park in Kazakhstan. By year end more than 650 buses are to be shipped all in all.

GAZ Group (TIN 5200000046) is the largest car maker in Russia. It was founded in 2005 through the restructuring of Ruspromavto. The Group involves OAO GAZ, 18 car making entities, sale and servicing structures. The headquarters is in N.Novgorod.

The share capital is worth 19.97mln rub. split in 18520260 common and 1453500 preferred stocks of 1 rub. par. Russian Machines (Basic Element owned by O.Deripaska) is a major holder.

On Dec. 31, 2016 the assets volume reached 108.4bn rub.; capital - 1.7bn rub.

The IH 2017 net profit (IAS) gained 1.112bn rub. vs. 2.431bn rub. in losses prior year; revenues moved up 15.58% to 67.373bn rub. from 58.291bn rub.; gross profit - 44.36% to 11.955bn rub. from 8.281bn rub.; pretax profit coming to 1.388bn rub. vs. 2.991bn rub. in losses.

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