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GTLK covered 2d coupon of BO-08th

The State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK) spent 276.75mln rub. to cover the 2d coupon (55.35 rub./pcs) of the BO-08th released in the volume of 5bn rub., the company informed.

5mln bonds of 1ths rub. par and 10-year maturity were placed through the open offering. The 1st coupon is fixed at 11.1% ann. The preterm coverage is stipulated.

GTLK (TIN 7720261827) was set up in 2001 under the name of Leasing Civil Aviation Company by the initiative of the Main Center of Air Traffic Planning and Regulation. It provides aviation companies and airports with the new equipment. The Company proposes leasing programs for all transport sectors and other entities.

The IH 2017 net losses (IAS) reached 1.702bn rub. vs. 52.319mln rub. in profit prior year period; interest from leasing operations increased 88.88% to 6.055bn rub. from 3.206bn rub.; rent revenues - 14.53% to 6.869bn rub. from 5.998bn rub.; pretax losses - 2.457bn rub. vs. 393.869mln rub. in profit.

The IH 2017 net losses (RAS) reached 2.135bn rub. vs. 21.832mln rub. in profit; revenues moved down 1.49% to 9.03bn rub. from 9.167bn rub.; profit from sales - 6.18% to 4.169bn rub. from 4.444bn rub.; pretax losses coming to 2.655bn rub. vs. 474.65mln rub. in profit prior year period.

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